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Confused on how to order online? Here is the Basic Run-Through.
For an online order start on the Event Images page. Click/select the image you would like to order and then click the “Continue to Order” button. Once you click the “Continue to Order” button you will be brought to our Package and Products page. There will be several tabs, located below the strip of thumbnails and above the package descriptions, which pertain to the Packages, Specialty Items, A La Carte Products, etc.

Once you have decided on what you would like to order click “Add To Cart.” A screen may pop up that offers additional items you may be interested in. If you are not interested in adding anything else at the moment click the red X for No. The next page depends on the type of item or package you chose, but in general you will be asked to look over each photo size. If everything looks okay click “Continue.” After you have gone through the item or package you can click “View Cart” to view your newly added item.

Can I cancel or change my order?
Once an order is completed online it cannot be canceled or changed. Please contact Customer Service for details.

Will my cart be saved if I leave the page?
If you add an item(s) to your cart it is best that you complete your order during the timeframe you are compiling your order. The cart will not save your items if you exit the page or if the page’s time period expires.

What does “Bordered/Folder” mean on my graduation pictures?
Most 5x7 and 8x10 prints, including those in packages, from graduation events have a white border which includes the name of your school and the date of your ceremony at the bottom. They also come with a Black Linen display folder. Select prints, including Tassel Frame prints, do not have borders. Wallets do not have a border or come with a folder. 10x14 prints will not include a folder.

What is Premium Finish?
Premium Finish pictures are printed on Kodak®’s premium metallic paper which offers a notable enhancement over standard matte paper. Premium is a high gloss finish with a luminous appearance. The paper adds depth and dimension to every print delivering vibrant color and flattering flesh tones.

What is Lamination? What are Laminated Prints?
Lamination is a thin protective plastic film specially made for photographs. It permanently adheres to matte finish prints and protects them against moisture, fingerprints, stains and tearing. It also has UV protection that helps reduce fading over time caused by exposure to light. Lamination is not available on all products.

What does “Not Protected” mean?
Not Protected prints are printed on Kodak®’s standard matte finish paper and are not laminated.

How will my final pictures be cropped?
Automatic cropping will occur on all prints. If you order online you have the option to custom crop most prints. When you add an item or package to your cart you will be brought to a page that specifies the crop view of each photo size. What you see is the actual crop size of the photo; this will be what is printed. Different size photos will have a different crop setting due to the nature of the photo size. Sport team pictures are not able to be cropped.

How does Custom Text work?
When adding Custom Text to an image make sure to place the text as close to the subject as possible. The way the text shows up on your image is how it will print. For specialty products, such as ornaments, keep in mind the shape of the finished product. Custom Text is not available on sport team pictures.

What is Complexion Touch-Up?
Make your memories look their best! Complexion Touch-Up minimizes wrinkles, evens out skin tones, lessens the appearance of minor blemishes and blotches as well as lightens teeth and eyes. Additional Custom Retouching is available starting at $35.00. Please contact Customer Service for Custom Retouching details.

What is Custom Retouching?
Custom Retouching is available for major blemishes, hair removal, removing tassels from faces, glasses glare, etc and starts at $35.00. Custom Retouching is not available online. If you would like to place an order with Custom Retouching please call us at 608-257-2941, Monday-Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00PM CST.

What is a Single Image Download?
If you purchase the Single Image Download the downloadable image will be sent to your specified email address. The Single Image Download pertains to the individual pose you select from the Event Images page. The downloadable image can be printed up to a 16x20 print size. Please contact Customer Service for details.

What is an All Image Download?
If you purchase the digital download the downloadable image will be sent to your specified email address. The All Image Download pertains to all of the individual poses of the participant for one PIN number only. This will not include any group photos for a Sports or Dance event or any additional photos provided for a Graduation event. The downloadable images can be printed up to a 16x20 print size. The All Image Download is not available for all markets. Please contact Customer Service for details.

What is a Media Download?
A Media Download is a low-resolution image meant for online use only. Please contact Customer Service for details.

Can Packages be split between different poses?
Our packages are designed to be your best value. Packages must be ordered for one pose and cannot be split between poses. The exception to this is our Mix & Match packages.

What if I have multiple PIN numbers for the same event?
If you have multiple PIN numbers and they are from the same event you can combine them into the same cart. You will start with the first PIN number and add your items or packages to the cart. Once you have finished with the first PIN number you will need to return to the Event Images page. Click on “Search Again” to search by last name for the next PIN number. The person’s name should pop up underneath the search bar. Click on it and you will be taken to their Event Images page. Then everything you add to the cart will add to the original cart that you started with the first PIN number. Please contact Customer Service for details.

What if I have multiple PIN numbers from different events?
If you have multiple PIN numbers and they are from different events you will not be able to place a combined order. Please contact Customer Service for details.

What if my proof is too dark or light?
The proofs on the order form, or on the internet, have not been color corrected. Your final prints will be lightened or darkened as needed.

How Can I Pay?
There are a variety of options for payment on the order form and the website. On the back of the order form you can pay by credit/debit card or include a check or money order. All checks can be made out to Empire Photography. On the website you can pay by credit/debit card, checking account, or PayPal. Unfortunately government issued debit cards do not work on our system.

When will I receive my order?
To ensure the fastest delivery order today before the deadline date. Delivery time is typically 10-14 days from the date the order is received. Some specialty items may take longer to make and will have a longer delivery period. For example, a graduation plaque it can take roughly 2-3 weeks for delivery while a standard photo package can take between 7-10 business days. Order online for fastest delivery. Please contact Customer Service for expedited shipping details.

Can I order after the deadline date?
YES! Please note, however, that orders postmarked after the deadline date are subject to the $5.50 deadline fee noted on the front of the order form or on the Event Images page of the website. Placing your order by the deadline date will guarantee all prices and ensure fastest delivery. Additionally, a $25.00 minimum order is required for orders received more than 120 days after the initial deadline date. The website will accrue the late fee of $5.50 the day of the deadline date. Please contact Customer Service for details.

How long are images kept on the website?
Event images are available on the website for about one year before they are taken down.

More Questions?
Please e-mail any additional questions to customerservice@empirephotos.com. Please include your name, name of the person photographed, and organization/school. Or call us at 608-257-2941 Monday-Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00PM CST.